Japan 2MW Ground Solar Mounting Structure Project-CHIKO T2VC Series

2020-07-08 09:57
Japan 2MW Ground Solar Mounting Structure Project-CHIKO T2VC Series
Japan 2MW Ground Solar Mounting System Project-CHIKO T2VC Series
Installed capacity: 2MW
Installation location: Gunma, Japan
Installation type: ground
Products used: CK-T2VC series
Japan 2MW Ground Solar Mounting System Project-CHIKO T2VC SeriesJapan 2MW Ground Solar Mounting System Project-CHIKO T2VC Series
CHIKO Aluminum T2VC Ground solar mounting structure is designed and manufactured for large-scale solar farms. This type of bracket is flexible in installation and wide in scope of application, adapting to any configuration and terrain. Ground screw pile foundation and cement pier foundation can be used during installation. In this project, the spiral pile foundation configuration was used, and the bracket material was selected from high-grade anodized aluminum AL6005-T5, which provided a lightweight solution. All components were pre-cut and pre-drilled for easy assembly at the installation site. Save time and labor costs, provide long-lasting durability and more than 30 years of service life.

CHIKO focus on manufacturing and design Solar Mounting Structure for more than 9 years, CHIKO products was installed in more than 60 countries.The customer design is available.
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