Have You Seen Such A Metal Roof Solar Mounting Structure Installation method?

2020-07-06 09:56
The types of metal roof are mainly angular chi, vertical lock-edge, trapezoid, etc., there are waterproof design fixture installation methods that do not damage the original building, and there are also drilling types that pursue the most stable installation effect and use accessories to connect with roof purlins.
In our impression, the common metal roof solar mounting structure installation method may be like this:
Have You Seen Such A Metal Roof Solar Mounting System Installation method?
Have you seen such an installation method?
Have You Seen Such A Metal Roof Solar Mounting System Installation method?
The project in the picture is located on a metal roof in South Korea, using the CHIKO solar solar mounting system T2VC series.
Due to the influence of climate conditions and geographical location in South Korea, most rooftop solar installations require high angles to meet the maximum lighting conditions to improve power generation efficiency. Therefore, most of the iron house solar projects completed in South Korea have adopted this installation method to achieve the optimal installation angle to increase power generation. CHIKO T2VC series uses profiled steel beams to strengthen the roof during roof installation, increasing the stress area; at the same time, using connectors to connect with the roof truss and purlins, so that the stress is distributed to the roof truss and purlins, reducing the roof load to ensure its safety Sex.

All CHIKO stent products are highly pre-assembled before leaving the factory, so that they do not need to cut holes on site, etc., saving installation time and labor costs.
CHIKO 2019 Korean classic case appreciation:
We all know that roof trusses, purlins and roof slabs are important components of color steel roofing. The installation method of the color steel plate is directly related to the load bearing of the roof truss, purlin and roof slab. The number and size of various connectors and fasteners can be obtained through static calculation analysis and design construction.

So, is this solar bracket installation method really safe?
CHIKO Solar has been manufacturing and designing solar mounting systems for more than 9 years. CHIKO products have been installed and used in more than 60 countries and regions, with a total installed capacity of more than 8GW; South Korea adopts CHIKO T2VC series solar mounting in 2019 There are more than 20 projects, and the installed capacity is as much as 10MW. All projects are completed by the official acceptance team after construction is completed, and are currently officially put into operation.
In the selection of materials, CHIKO adheres to the principle of highest quality. The bracket is made of high-quality main material high-grade anodized aluminum AL6500-T5, and the surface is anodized 12-15MIC. The excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance guarantees its 30-year service life; at the same time, The light weight of aluminum reduces the roof load, making it safe and reliable. The maximum wind speed can bear 60m/s, and the snow load capacity can reach 1.4KN/㎡.
Finally, all the bracket solutions of CHIKO Solar are based on the results of field work environment verification. CHIKO's advanced technical team conducts force analysis on the structure of the building, combined with the arrangement of the solar matrix and the solar components, and gives a variety of feasible solar bracket layout solutions to determine the most efficient, convenient, safe and reliable solution .

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