Bulgaria 600KW ground solar mounting system project

2020-06-03 13:44
Bulgaria 600KW ground solar mounting structure project
We all know that ballast series solar mounting brackets are generally used in the installation of flat roof photovoltaic power plants, and there are few cases where ballast brackets can be applied to the ground. However, CHIKO Solar did it. Let's take a look at CHIKO's 600KW project in Bulgaria not long ago.

Bulgaria 600KW ground solar mounting system project
Project location: Bulgaria
Installed capacity: 600KW
Installation type: ground
Products used: CHIKO Solar Ballast III solar mounting structure System
       The construction party of this project was completed by CHIKO Solar Bulgaria partners. The entire project took 14 days from construction to grid connection.
       The solar panel support as a "spine" in the power station generally exists, and its importance is self-evident. When we install photovoltaic power plants, we should first consider the optimal illumination angle of the support system and the strength of the support. The solar mounting bracket system provided by CHIKO in a plant in Bulgaria a few days ago is a wonderful reflection of this case. Of course, the roof bracket is installed on the ground, and many people are estimated to have doubts about the strength of the entire bracket system and the angle of light. CHIKO Solar tells you that you don't have to worry about it at all.
       First of all, all of CHIKO's photovoltaic support products use the best quality aluminum profile AL6500, processed in T5 state, and the super anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance guarantees its service life up to 30 years. Secondly, all the design of CHIKO's support schemes are fully taken into consideration of the local construction environment and the wind speed and snow pressure in the past 20 years. CHIKO's strong technical team ensures the special design feasibility. In this project, the installation terrain is open and unobstructed. CHIKO engineers improved it on the basis of the original ballast III, increased the height above the ground by 10cm, prevented the ground sand and dust pollution, and greatly improved the power generation efficiency of the entire system.

       The biggest feature of CHIKO Solar Ballast III series solar mounting structure is the simple installation. Only one person and one set of tools are needed to complete the installation, which greatly saves time and installation costs, and the product itself is a very cost-effective solution. This product is mainly made of high-grade anodized aluminum 6005-T5 material, and the adjustable angle can be 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°. The applicable solar panel width: 808mm to 828mm, 886mm to 1000mm.
       According to Robin, the manager of CHIKO's business department, this is not the first time the customer has ordered products from CHIKO. The customer's choice of CHIKO again and again is precisely the recognition of CHIKO's solar panel bracket products and the affirmation of CHIKO's service capabilities I believe that through friendly cooperation between the two parties, we will definitely bring more and better solutions to GF PV owners!

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