Middle East 1.5MW Project,Ballast Solar Mounting Structure Application In Ground

2020-03-17 13:39
Speaking of the Middle East, people will have deserts, pyramids and seven-star sailing hotels in their minds. The good location and suitable land environment of the Middle East give this land high-quality photovoltaic resources. In recent years, the installed capacity in the Middle East has increased significantly. According to professional organizations' predictions, in 2020, the photovoltaic investment in the Middle East will reach 50 billion US dollars.
Middle East 1.5MW Project,Ballast Solar Mounting Structure Application In Ground
We all know that ballasted photovoltaic brackets are generally used for flat roofs, and their structure is simple, solid and reliable, which is conducive to production, processing, transportation, and installation. CHIKO Solar's ballast series bracket for ground installation has to be said to be a unique innovation.
 what? Ballast stand for the ground? Some friends may be worried that the ballasted solar mounting structure is not high enough from the ground, so what should be done to contaminate sand and animal manure? And does his wind resistance work? Don't worry, let CHIKO Solar tell you!
First of all, for the problem of shielding pollution: we can see that the most special feature of the ballast 3 series bracket used in this project is that it is improved and heightened by 30cm based on the original standard product to make it more suitable for the local terrain. The heightened part effectively alleviates the pollution of ground sand and animal excrement. The surroundings of the installation site here are flat and open land, and there is no shelter around it, which will not affect the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic modules at all.
This time, for the problem of wind resistance: All the stent solutions manufactured by CHIKO have passed Chenko's technical department's consideration of the local environment and precise inspection reports. The service life can reach 30 years and provide 10-year quality assurance. It belongs to the area with low wind speed, and the CHIKO bracket adopts AL6500-T5 advanced aluminum profile, and the surface is anodized 12-15MIC; the modified and improved ballast photovoltaic bracket has a wind resistance level of at least 40m / s. There is room!
Application Advantages of CHIKO Solar Ballast 3 solar mounting structure
1. The ballast 3 bracket achieves the maximum strength in the most economical way while achieving the required strength. Compared with the ground photovoltaic bracket, the installation cost is lower.
2. It has strong adaptability. Compared with large ground projects, the installation of ballast brackets does not require complicated installation procedures such as welding, is safe and reliable, and can only be locked with corresponding screws, reducing the requirements for installation tools. Save time and labor costs.
3. In design, the load of multiple sets of pressure carriers can be increased or decreased according to different installation sites, so that it can resist wind damage of different degrees.
The progress of the times requires constant innovation. The installation of this project is an innovation in time, material selection and labor costs. It goes beyond our previous understanding that "ballasted photovoltaic solar mounting structure must be used on roofs". However, dear owners and friends, although the ballast is good, you must choose the appropriate bracket type according to the actual situation of your installation. The innovative use of this project is also carried out with full consideration of the appropriate local installation environment and the support of precise audit reports. The selection and materials of the bracket need to consider the layout, wind, snow load capacity, working conditions and other factors. Don't be blind to it!

Various efficient and flexible solar mounting structure solutions waiting for you here! Welcome to consult !
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