From January to August in Liaocheng, Shandong, 14,000 new solar mounting system grid-connected projects were added

2021-10-21 14:57
"Since this year, Liaocheng City, Shandong has actively encouraged farmers and villages to collectively develop photovoltaic power generation projects. From January to August this year, Liaocheng added 14,000 grid-connected photovoltaic power generation projects, with an additional capacity of 578,600 kilowatts, and the number of grid-connected projects Capacity continues to rise.” On October 19, the staff of the Basic Section of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, He Feng, said, “Our city actively promotes the sound development of the photovoltaic power generation industry and builds its own “sunshine bank” on the roof to increase the income of the people.” This is undoubtedly an opportunity and a challenge for solar mounting system manufacturers such as CHIKO Solar.
 From January to August in Liaocheng, Shandong, 14,000 new solar mounting system grid-connected projects were added
Green water and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan. The successive integration of solar bracket projects into the grid has turned sunshine advantage into sunshine income. 16 households in Fanzhuang Village, Xinzhou Street, Xin County, installed distributed photovoltaic power generation equipment on their roofs, increasing their income by more than 20,000 yuan a year. The villager Fan Weida installed 90 photovoltaic power generation panels with a loan guaranteed by the enterprise. “There is no need to invest a penny. The income of the first 7 years belongs to the enterprise. After 7 years, I can earn more than 20,000 yuan from the roof every year.”
The rapid development of the industry has significantly increased the investment income of photovoltaic power generation. "Significant reduction in equipment costs, higher power generation efficiency, and greater power generation are the main reasons for the rapid development of current distributed photovoltaic power generation projects." said Niu Hongfu, head of the Xinxian project of Shandong Guangfu Huaxia New Energy Co., Ltd., the company Actively explore the construction methods of projects with zero input from the masses, such as loans and roof leasing, which has increased the enthusiasm of the masses to use the roof.
He Feng said that the photovoltaic industry is a strategic emerging industry that the state encourages development. In order to promote the sound development of the industry, our city has simplified relevant procedures such as the filing of photovoltaic power generation projects, and formed a batch of grid-connected, under-construction, and reserve batches. Plan a batch of "four batches" to advance the pattern. This year, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission has won 7 counties to be included in the entire county’s roof distributed solar mounting structure development pilot, accounting for 1/10 of the province. The Municipal Development and Reform Commission also won 20 market-oriented grid-connected reserve projects, accounting for 1/8 of the province, with a grid-connected capacity of 1.107 million kilowatts, ranking third in the province.
Photovoltaic poverty alleviation used to be an indispensable and important force in our city's poverty alleviation. In 14 villages in the ancient towns of Xinxian County, Wangfeng and other towns, 14 photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects with a total capacity of 325 kilowatts have been connected to the grid to generate electricity, which can generate 468,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which can bring annual income of 270,000 yuan. With the rapid development of the industry, the market prospects for distributed photovoltaic power generation projects are broad, and the idle roof resources of the people in Xinxian County have become the goal pursued by enterprises. On September 24, the People's Government of Xin County and the Liaocheng Operation Branch of Guoneng Shandong Electric Power, China Nuclear East China Xinhua Energy Investment Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Liansheng Jinlin New Energy Co., Ltd., three industry "leaders", signed a large-scale roof distributed photovoltaic system. Develop strategic cooperation agreements.
"Government support, low input from the masses and considerable benefits, these factors have enabled the city's distributed solar mounting bracket project to expand from the field of poverty alleviation to the whole society, and achieve a ‘blowout’." said He Zhanting, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission.

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