Solar Tracking System VS Fixed Solar Mounting System Which Benefit Is Higher In 25 Years

2021-07-07 15:43
Since the cost of the bracket in the entire solar system is relatively small, and at the same time subject to traditional concepts, it is felt that its technical content is also low, so in the process of photovoltaic power station construction, solar mounting structure are often in an awkward state of "out of favor".

Solar Tracking System VS Fixed Solar Mounting System Which Benefit Is Higher In 25 Years
As everyone knows, with the maturity of China's solar bracket market and the continuous improvement of technology, the bracket not only plays a simple supporting role in the entire power station, but also can greatly increase the power generation and reduce the basic cost.
As we all know, the brackets in the current market are mainly divided into two categories, fixed solar mounting systems and solar tracking systems. As you can see in the title, the main purpose of this article is to compare the power plant revenues of the two brackets. After the editor has studied hard, I will share with you about photovoltaic power plants. How to calculate the cost and increase revenue of using fixed solar mounting systems and solar tracking systems?
solar tracking system PK fixed solar mounting system basic cost
According to the local geographical environment, the fixed solar mounting system 1MWp covers an area of ​​20.50 acres, arranged according to 23*2, the number of 1MWp foundation pipe piles is 460, the large-span solar tracking system 1MWp covers an area of 23.5 acres, and the number of 1MWp foundation pipe piles is 176 One, the total cost difference between the fixed solar mounting system and the long-span tracking (5° inclination) is 0.034 yuan/W.
Cost recovery period
The universal PVSYST photovoltaic simulation software imports local weather data, and the solar tracking system (5° inclination angle) increases the power generation by 10% compared with the fixed solar mounting system. After calculation, the fixed solar mounting system 1MWp annual power generation is 1081157 degrees, and the large-span solar tracking system (5° inclination angle) ) The annual power generation of 1MWp is 1,189,273 degrees, and the long-span solar tracking system (5° inclination) is relative to the fixed increase in investment and the partial payback period formula:
Combined with the data of a project site in Anhui, the project capacity is 1MWp, and the recovery period is calculated as follows:
That is, the large-span solar tracking system increases the investment part relative to the fixed solar mounting system, and the cost can be recovered after 0.4 years!
Increase annual income
The ultimate goal of the intelligent tracking system is to help photovoltaic power plants generate efficient power generation and increase revenue. Then how to calculate the increased revenue of the power station, and see as follows:
Taking a project site in Anhui as an example, with 1MWp capacity as the calculation basis, the local on-grid electricity price is 0.85 yuan/kWh:
Years: 1-10 years
(1189273-1081157)*0.94*0.85*(10-0.4)=829,293 yuan
Years: 11-15 years
(1189273-1081157)*0.89*0.85*(15-10)=408,948.8 yuan
Years: 16-20 years
(1189273-1081157)*0.86*0.85*(20-15)=395,164 yuan
Years: 21-25 years
(1189273-1081157)*0.83*0.85*(25-20)=381, 379.2 yuan
summary report
In summary, the normal operation of photovoltaic power plants for 25 years, 1MWp long-span single-axis tracking (5° inclination) can increase revenue by more than 2.01 million relative to fixed solar mounting systems, and 10MWp can increase revenue by as much as 20.15 million!

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