Chinese Companies Tracking Solar Mounting Structures Market

2021-01-07 10:12
Different from the market dominance in other links of the photovoltaic industry, Chinese companies are relatively weak in the subdivision of tracking solar mounting structures. Among the top ten tracking solar panel brackets companies in the world, only two are from China.
Chinese Companies Tracking Solar Mounting Structures Market
"After the full price parity of the photovoltaic industry, the domestic tracking bracket has a huge market potential. At least compared with the overseas market, there is still a lot of room for development. It is expected that the market size of the tracking bracket in 2021 will double on the basis of 2020.
The reporter's interview found that the interviewed industry insiders generally believe that tracking solar mounts is a "heavy weapon" to increase the number of hours of power generation and system power generation. Although the global tracking bracket market is dominated by foreign-funded enterprises, with the continuous technological innovation of my country's leading enterprises, the domestically-made "upgraded" tracking bracket will become more and more popular in the market.
1. Low proportion of domestic market
Photovoltaic brackets are called the "skeleton" of photovoltaic power plants by industry insiders. They are special structural parts designed and installed to support, fix and rotate photovoltaic modules in solar photovoltaic power generation systems. According to whether it can track the rotation of the sun, it can be divided into fixed bracket and tracking bracket. The fixed bracket has become the mainstream of the domestic photovoltaic industry due to its low price, good stability and low initial investment.
Looking at the world, the market share of tracking solar panel brackets in the United States, Europe and other places exceeds 50%, while the market share of tracking brackets in my country is about 10%. In the tracking solar bracket market brand competition, there is also a pattern of "externally strong and internally weak". "A few years ago, the tracking bracket market was almost monopolized by foreign companies." An industry insider bluntly told reporters.
It is understood that, different from the market dominance in other links of the photovoltaic industry, the competitiveness of Chinese companies in the subdivision of tracking brackets is relatively weak. Among the top ten tracking solar bracket companies in the world, only two are from China.
In Duan Shunwei’s view, the factor that causes the “external strength and internal weakness” of the tracking solar mounts market is that from a market perspective, the application of tracking solar brackets in the Chinese market is relatively small; from a brand perspective, domestic tracking photovoltaic stent manufacturers have relatively greater global voice Small, the market share occupied by enterprises is naturally low. At present, the domestic tracking solar bracket is in the early stage of development, with a penetration rate of less than 10%, and it is mainly used in demonstration and front-runner projects.
2. Many factors hinder industry development
So, what factors hinder my country from tracking the development of the stent industry? The industry generally believes that this is related to the background of the development of my country's photovoltaic industry. In view of the fact that photovoltaic companies are still in the "Warring States Era" of "attacking each other", it is naturally difficult for them to have "leaders" in the field of tracking brackets.
"For the'novices' entering the industry, the lack of adequate endorsement of photovoltaic tracking bracket projects will become an important factor restricting their sustainable development." The above-mentioned person said that as everyone knows, the reliability of solar mounting structures is to control costs and ensure benefits. Once the safety "sickness" appears, it will bring huge losses to the power station. Given the low market share of domestic tracking brackets, power station owners will also be cautious when choosing tracking brackets.
Another very important factor is that "my country's tracking bracket market was in a stage of disorderly development in the past few years. Many companies have expanded their solar panel bracket business for a piece of the pie. For a while, bracket companies are "mixed with dragons" and malicious low-price competition. Damaged the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, directly leading to China's tracking solar bracket application has been unable to go up." Duan Shunwei frankly told reporters.
In addition, technical barriers and scarcity of R&D talents also restrict the development of the industry. tracking solar brackets have been criticized for their high cost and lack of technical content. In fact, photovoltaic stents are a technology-intensive industry with high technical barriers in the overall scheme design, mechanical structure design, production process, and tracking control. "For example, in terms of tracking control technology, it is necessary to continuously optimize tracking control algorithms, develop new tracking control technologies, and improve the automation and intelligence level of photovoltaic power plants." A related person in charge of a bracket company told reporters.
3. The industry calls for the establishment of a stable ecosystem
According to industry insiders, although various factors hinder the penetration rate of tracking brackets in the domestic market, with the increase in the difficulty of improving the conversion efficiency of battery modules and the reduction of flat low-cost sites, photovoltaic tracking solar brackets have become more and more cost-reducing One of the effective ways.
The new research of Haitong Securities Power believes that after entering parity, power station operators will walk on two legs to reduce initial investment costs and generate more power to increase revenue. There are two main ways to increase power generation: one is to improve the efficiency of component power generation, and the other is to apply tracking brackets.
The research data predicts that the tracking solar bracket market has a bright future. It is estimated that the domestic market penetration rate of tracking solar brackets will reach 30% in 2022 and will increase to more than 50% in the future. In 2023, domestic tracking solar bracket demand will increase from about 3GW in 2020 to 11GW, and overseas tracking solar bracket demand will increase from 28GW in 2020 to 58GW.
It is optimistic about the expected growth space of solar panel brackets in the future. Domestic companies CITIC Bo, Trina Solar, and Chenke Solar are all making efforts in the bracket field.
The industry believes that in the future parity market, the tracking solar bracket can no longer rely on the traditional "price war", but must be standardized, orderly, and technologically forward-looking. "We call on the industry and friends to raise industry standards, establish a relatively active and stable ecosystem, and jointly promote and track the development of the photovoltaic support industry."

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