Don't Touch When The Module Is Damaged. How To Deal With It ?

2020-06-29 10:16
We often have a misconception that solar panels cannot work as long as they are damaged, and naturally they cannot generate any current. As a world-renowned solar mounting manufacturer, CHIKO Solar tells you with experimental data based on many years of production experience , This is the beginning of danger.
The staff specially took a damaged module for experiments. The solar module was densely packed with many cracks. The staff connected the circuit to the solar panel. The damaged solar module output a current of 9 amperes, and the voltage was as high as 650V. It is fatal, and there will be the same arc as the flame between the positive and negative wires.
Don't Touch When The Module Is Damaged. How To Deal With It ?
If only the surface toughened glass is damaged, it does not affect the battery plate. The power output of the battery plate is normal. If the battery plate is damaged, it can not be used?
Of course, the staff also took this issue into consideration. They prepared another solar panel that was burned by more than half in the fire. However, the test found that the panel will still leak electricity, and the voltage is between 12V-15V. The 12V voltage jumps under the action of water flow. Go to 300V, so once the solar panel is damaged, you should pay attention to it, let alone wash it with water.
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CHIKO Solar tells you-the correct way to deal with damaged solar panels !
When the solar panel is damaged and piled up with the rubble of a house, etc., the solar panel may generate electricity when it is irradiated with the sun, and it may cause electric shock when touched with bare hands.
(1) Do not touch with bare hands.
(2) When touching damaged solar panels during rescue and recovery work, wear insulating gloves such as dry wire gloves or rubber gloves.
(3) When multiple solar panels are connected by cables, unplug or cut the connected cables. If possible, cover the battery panel with a blue tarpaulin or cardboard, or face down to avoid direct sunlight.
(4) If possible, wrap the exposed copper wires in the cable cross-section with plastic tape or the like.
(5) When transporting the solar panel to an abandoned place, use caution to smash the glass. In addition, the components of the battery board are as follows: semi-tempered glass (thickness about 3mm), battery unit (silicon plate: 10-15cm square, thickness 0.2-0.4mm, silver electrode, solder, copper foil, etc.), transparent resin, white Resin board, metal frame (mainly aluminum), wiring materials, resin box, etc.
(6) Even if there is no sun at night and after sunset, although the solar panel basically does not generate electricity, it should work the same as when it is exposed to the sun.
Note: (1) Even if it is damaged, there is still a risk of electric shock, do not touch it; (2) To deal with damaged battery boards, contact the sales constructor to take corresponding countermeasures.

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