Current Situation And Prospect Of Solar Mounting Structure In Southeast Asia

2020-04-24 11:25
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Current Situation And Prospect Of Solar Mounting Structure In Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia is still an emerging market for photovoltaics, but its cumulative installed photovoltaic capacity is expected to reach 12.6GW this year, which will nearly triple to 20.40GW in 2024. Large-scale photovoltaic projects will dominate in the next five years. As the economics of photovoltaic projects receive more and more attention, distributed photovoltaics will also develop. WoodMac predicts that by 2024, small-scale solar will account for 32% of new capacity.
Two solar market segments in Vietnam-terrestrial photovoltaic and floating solar power generation capacity-new FIT electricity prices will remain at US $ 70.9 and US $ 76.9 per megawatt hour, which will help attract investors as auctions significantly lower the majority Alternative prices for the solar market.
A report recently released by the energy consulting company Wood Mackenzie said that Vietnam is leading the Southeast Asian photovoltaic market, and the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaics has ranked first in the region. Data show that in 2019, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaics in Southeast Asia will increase to 12.6GW, of which Vietnam's cumulative installed capacity reaches 5.5GW, accounting for 44% of the region's total. The Vietnamese government also promised that by 2030, photovoltaic power generation will account for 20% of the country ’s renewable energy generation. Vietnam's photovoltaic projects also enjoy corporate income tax, equipment import tariffs, land use and other welfare policies.
Malaysia is expected to achieve its 20% renewable energy generation target by 2025. One of the main factors supporting the development of this goal is the sound policy framework in the country, which provides huge opportunities for development. Malaysia, like many European countries, has an orderly auction mechanism and supports distributed solar energy through a net metering plan. The development potential of household solar mounting structures is huge.
“Malaysia ’s third 500MW solar auction plan was released early this year. The auction has attracted unprecedented interest in the industry, with a total of 6,691MW of project capacity bidding. We expect Malaysia ’s cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaics to reach 1,139MW in 2019, compared to last year ’s 736MW. ”Rishab Shrestha, WoodMac's photovoltaic research consultant, added.
Singapore will successfully achieve its 2020 goal, and distributed solar power in Singapore is emerging. It is expected that Singapore will successfully achieve the national development goal of 350MW by 2020. The country installed 56.7MW in the first half of this year, surpassing the new installed capacity of 55.1MW of photovoltaics throughout 2018.
Shrestha said: “98% of the installed capacity is a non-residential project, especially through private enterprise procurement. The simplified installation process effectively improves the installation rate of photovoltaics. In Southeast Asia, industrial and commercial electricity prices are as high as $ 155 / MWh, so the economics of distributed photovoltaics crucial."
solar mounting structure product solution
Fixed and adjustable solar mounting structure account for a relatively small part of the system cost, and were once regarded as the products with the lowest technical content in photovoltaic systems. After years of development, the prices of components and inverters have fallen sharply, but the prices of fixed brackets have risen steadily. In the current situation where parity online is approaching and competition for competitive bidding projects is fierce, product selection for fixed supports is even more important. At the same time, floating support systems and tracking support systems have also begun to gain popularity in the market.
CHIKO Bracket contains more than a dozen series of products in three categories. It is suitable for household roofs, commercial roofs, metal roofs, and large ground power stations. It is designed according to actual engineering needs. Among them, the aluminum profiles used are AL6005 grades, processed in T5 state, and the surface is anodized 12-15MIC; all stainless steel materials are 304 grades; the steels are Q235 grades, and the surface treatment is hot-dip galvanized with an average of 80MIC. The stent strength test is certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. CHIKO Solar has a tensile machine, a salt spray test machine, a high-temperature test and a vibration test equipment. Each bracket product has to pass the actual test before it can be put on the market. CHIKO Solar's annual investment in research and development accounts for about 20% of revenue.
CHIKO Solar specializes in the R & D, production, sales and service of products in the solar photovoltaic field and is committed to providing customers with stable, reliable and cost-effective solar photovoltaic system solutions. , The company has more than 40 domestic and foreign patents, and has a strict product quality system and perfect design and installation technical specifications. The solar mounting structure and related supporting products independently developed by CHIKO Solar have passed TUV, UL, AS / NZ1170.2 and other certifications. CHIKO Solar, as a well-known solar photovoltaic brand enterprise, has been sold to customers in more than 100 countries and regions since its establishment.

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