Aluminum or steel solar mounting structure, which is better ?

2018-11-15 13:24
We all know that solar mounting structure are one of the most important components in pv power generation. Their performance and service life are directly related to the benefits of solar energy systems. Generally, the brackets on the market can be roughly divided into two types of materials: aluminum and steel solar mounting racking. For many users who are entangled in the choice of materials, CHIKO Solar shares some experience for everyone.
Aluminum or steel solar mounting structure, which is better ?

Aluminum or steel solar mounting structure, which is better ?
First of all, pv panel structure are generally used outdoors, long-term exposure to wind and sun, should consider the two aspects of anti-corrosion and rust and firmness.
1. In terms of strength analysis, the strength of aluminum PV bracket is weaker than that of steel. Therefore, it is recommended to use steel brackets for strength in areas with high wind resistance requirements or in practical applications. The need for aluminum brackets is mostly used in general areas.
2. From the perspective of anti-corrosion performance, because the anti-corrosion quality not only affects the service life of the pv power station, but also affects the appearance of the bracket. Generally, the surface of the steel pv panel structure is hot-dip galvanized, generally required to be 65μ or more. Under normal conditions, the service life of 20 years can be ensured, but regular maintenance is required, and the surface of the aluminum structure is anodized to form a dense oxide film and anti-corrosion performance. It is far superior to steel brackets, and the surface aesthetics of aluminum PV bracket are also superior to steel brackets.
3. From the price of the two, if the strength requirement is relatively high, if the aluminum solar mounting structure must be used, the material can only meet the requirements by increasing the material, and the price of the aluminum on the market is about the steel bracket. 3 times, therefore, the cost of aluminum pv structure will be much higher than steel structure. In the case of general strength requirements, such as metal roof pv bracket, usually the span is relatively small, so the strength requirements are not high, and the aluminum brackets satisfying the strength are basically close to the steel solar mounting racking in terms of cost, and due to the processing technology The difference in the cross-section of the aluminum bracket makes the aluminum bracket rich in form and convenient to install.
 In short, "Aluminum or steel solar mounting structure, which is better ?" ,for this problem, everyone should fully consider the local installation environment and the wind resistance level of the bracket during the use and selection process.
As a world-leading pv bracket manufacturer, CHIKO Solar has been committed to providing users with efficient and convenient solar panel support solutions. With the highest quality requirements, all the morning aluminum profiles of the stents use AL6005 grades, processing T5 state, surface Anodized 12-15 MIC is used; all steel materials are 304 grades; steel grades are Q235 grades, and surface treatment hot galvanizing averages 80 MICs. Due to its superior performance, the service life can reach 30 years and the wind resistance level is above 60m/s. The morning series of stent products have passed the test of three major institutions in the world, the United States UL, the British INTERTEK, the Australian standard, as well as the SGS test, large and small certificates and tests more than 20 copies, the quality of the morning products is universal. Can stand the test of time and user!

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