Selection of solar mounting brackets for factory rooftop

2018-07-30 08:38
In recent years, the development of the domestic PV market has been hot, and more and more people are paying attention to the roof solar mounting bracket. In all types of roofs, the roof of the factory has a large area, flat and easy to install, so it is called "the cornucopia" and "cash tree" on the roof. Industrial parks are the main force for large-scale promotion of photovoltaic applications. For the business owners, the installation of the factory roof photovoltaic power station is “saving time and reducing costs” and the second is “green environmental protection”. Many business owners still have a lot of doubts while paying close attention to solar mounting bracket. So, what should we pay attention to when installing the solar mounting bracket on the roof of the factory?
As a world-leading solar mounting bracket manufacturer, CHIKO Solar tells you with years of experience in production practice: the installation of photovoltaic power plants is not only related to the rea, but also limited by the roof's bearing capacity and equipment. All of us should pay attention to the impact of two aspects; one is the bearing capacity of the roof, and the other is the equipment of the plant ration.
The load-bearing capacity of the roof. In other words, the load on the roof. Everyone knows that photovoltaic power plants are composed of photovoltaic modules, solar mountingbracket, inverters nd related system components. Even if a 3kW system is placed on the roof, the weight should not be underestimated. At present, the roof types of domestic plants in China are mainly divided into two types: concrete and color steel. First, we need to confirm whether the load capacity of the roof meets the requirements for installing photovoltaic power plants. Here, we need to calculate the load on the roof. In addition to the color steel tile roof, it is also necessary to confirm the color steel tile type, color steel tile roof damage, corrosion rust, and waterproof.
Not long ago, the country's heavy snowfall and heavy snow for several days made the snow cover more than 15 centimeters. Some photovoltaic power plants have been crushed due to the snow load on the roof during the design process. In cold areas such as the north, pay attention to the impact of winter snow on the bearing capacity of the bracket. If the snow load is considered at the end of the design load of the bracket, when the heavy blizzard is encountered, there is a danger of causing the bracket to collapse completely or partially, resulting in damage to the solar battery module. This in turn may lead to paralysis of the entire photovoltaic power generation system.
So how is the snow load on the roof calculated?
CHIKO Solar tells you that the relationship between the thickness of the snow and the load is usually the same:
1 square meter * 10 cm = 25 kg; 1 square meter * 20 cm = 50 kg; 1 square meter * 30 cm 
= 75 kg; 100 square meters * 30 cm = 7.5 tons. At present, the design load of the roof of the steel structure factory is generally in the range of 30~50kg. In case of heavy snow, please ask the steel structure users to do the snow and ice deicing preparation work for the roof photovoltaic power station in time to avoid the loss of economic property!
In the coastal areas, it is necessary to strictly refer to the wind-resistant and anti-seismic parameters of coastal buildings, and select galvanized steel solar mounting bracket with strong pressure resistance. The array arrangement of photovoltaic systems should fully consider the wind-resistant vents.
The so-called equipment situation mainly refers to whether the plant operation uses high-power equipment such as electric welding machine and electric furnace. If such equipment is used, it will cause voltage instability and current harmonics exceeding the standard. A similar problem occurred earlier. In the case of the above high-power equipment, some users connected the grid connection point of the inverter to the low-voltage side of 380V. As a result, the PV grid-connected inverter was repeatedly started, if the inverter quality If it does not comply with national regulations, there is a danger of inverter 
bombers. Therefore, it is necessary to remind the owners of the installation of photovoltaic power plants to fully consider the power of the equipment in the field during installation, select the appropriate grid connection form, and select the appropriate inverter and solar mounting bracket.
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