Is solar rack mounting expanded with current trends

2018-06-29 09:11
As the solar mounting continues to prosper, large domestic manufacturers have invariably launched large-scale capacity expansion in the near future.
History is always surprisingly similar, and China's photovoltaic industry seems to be repeating the story of 2010. Some people think that photovoltaic giants who experienced the winter of 2012 in the industry have a clearer understanding of the photovoltaic industry's ups and downs and more cautious coping strategies. The trend is stronger than that of people. Under such circumstances, the solar rack mounting industry should not "dance with the wind" and expand with the trend.
In response, many business owners have almost the same answer: such a good market, why not expand production? What's more, I was worse than my neighbor has expanded production more than me, why should I not expand? Obviously, this is a decision logic based on competition – expansion competition, not only for the market pricing power and discourse power, but also may delay the opponent.
However, it should cause industry policy makers to think about whether the expansion of the company is rational. After all, in the past few years, the development of the photovoltaic market has become a little bit chaotic. It is easy to lose the rationality after following the market rhythm.
Expansion itself is good, as a company who does not want to become bigger and stronger? CHIKO Solar, as a high-quality solar rack mounting manufacturer, believes that in this wave of expansion, it is necessary to seize the opportunity to grasp the pulse of the industry, but also to control their own product quality, product quality as a fundamental, customer-centric The expansion of production is carried out under the above conditions, unlike some manufacturers, which only expand production in order to expand production. There is no responsibility for the 
expansion.What logic, also the name of the United States, "small profits but quick turnover"

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