Solar bracket should standing in the task of steong winds

2018-06-25 08:30
In an open environment, high winds blow from time to time, and many unqualified PV bracket are damaged by strong winds. After the storm, not only can we see the rainbow, but we can also see the intrinsic quality of the products.
The photovoltaic panels were blown up by winds was reported from time to time, causing people to think that PV bracket are fragile. This is not the fact.
As a professional solar bracket manufacturer CHIKO Solar tells you that a standard design and construction of a photovoltaic power stations is fully able to withstand the test of 8-10 gale, and qualified PV bracket are not so fragile.
Many negative news make users who want to install photovoltaic power stations puzzled, so should the photovoltaic power plant be installed ? CHIKO solar provide some suggestions for your reference.
First of all, solar energy is a clean energy source and will not cause pollution to the environment. Second, a PV power plant is a one-time investment that can provide long-term benefits and can save costs for companies.On the other hand, many owners have the idea of installing PV power stations, but what they are worried about is quality.
The above factors, if you choose a reliable solar bracket manufacturers are not a problem, qualified solar bracket can be used for decades.CHIKO, as the world's leading manufacturer of PV 
bracket,all materials are made of AL6005-T5 aluminum alloy or SUS304 stainless steel can be anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
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