The superiority of solar bracket system

2018-06-14 08:31
At present,The two main goals of the development and construction of PV power plants are: cost reduction and efficiency increase.In order to achieve these two goals,manufacturers at all stages of the PV industry chain have major effort to develop their own technologies in order to win even greater break throughs.However, with the rapid development of the PV industry, the development of the top technologies has become a bottleneck.The neglected solar bracket has played a key role in the development of photovoltaic technology.
With different solar irradiation angles, the tracking type solar bracket can chase the sun like a sunflower according to the change of the solar elevation angle, and increase the amount of solar radiation received, thereby increasing the overall power generation of the power station.CHIKO think that:“According to actual test data of the Baicheng Front Runner Base, through the application of the tracking solar bracket system, the project adopts a 5° tilt angle to flatten the single axis to increase power generation by 16.3%, and the land area is reduced by 0.6%. The initial investment in EPC increased by less than 8%, realizing the cost reduction and efficiency increase. At the same time, “through the analysis of leading project bases in Shanxi, Shanxi, and Jiangsu, the data shows that through the application of the tracking solar bracket system, it is possible to achieve 5%-10% reduction in electricity prices for different front runner projects, which is reflected in electricity prices. It is 0.05-0.1 yuan / kWh, or even 0.15 yuan / kWh.
The solar bracket for tilt roof 
The reason is simple and implement is easy,but the user's response is very different.The reason is that the solar bracket manufacturer has to cut corners in order to increase profits, and the product is broken and goes to the manufacturer. This creates a vicious circle.The idea of installing a PV system is good, but choosing a reliable solar mountin manufacturer is also crucial.As a global leading manufacturer of solar bracket manufacturers, CHIKO has always been committed to research and development of higher efficiency, better quality solar bracket.Choose CHIKO you can enjoy a one-stop service, do not have to worry about their own, the project construction cycle is short, there are professional technical staff to guide the installation, will not affect your normal life.CHIKO solar can stand the test of time and users,more new and old customers at domestic and foreign are welcome to visit our factory.

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