Polysilion prices is rise impact on solar bracket

2018-06-11 08:38
Recent photovoltaic market,polysilicon prices continue to rise。One of the main materials for making photovoltaic panels from polysilicon, which belongs to the high-tech sector of the photovoltaic industry.Solar bracket, compared with photovoltaic panel technology,the technology is much lower.
polysilicon show:

With the increase of polysilicon prices, solar bracket as downstream products should receive more attention.Because the cost of the panel is increased, solar bracket should make more effective use of photovoltaic panels. For example,use of adjustable solar bracket.On the other hand,solar bracket quality should more and more better.One solar bracket for thirty years and thirty years using multiple solar bracket are different.
With the price increase of polysilicon,In front of eyes, we should focus on the development of photovoltaic bracket technology.Develop more efficient and better quality solar bracket.If you want to install solar bracket, but do not know much about the photovoltaic industry, please consult CHIKO. As the golable leading solar bracket manufacture,choose CHIKO you can enjoy a one-stop service, do not have to worry about their own, the project construction cycle is short, there are professional technical staff to guide the installation, will not affect your normal life.

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