Solar mounting commonly used raw materials

2018-05-17 10:04
In the photovoltaic industry can be widely recognized by people, solar mounting plays a key role.The firmness and durability of the solar mounting bracket will undoubtedly reduce the cost of the company and save the company's time and effort.As the global leading manufacturer of solar mounting, CHIKO Solar will introduce you to the raw materials of solar mounting and solve your doubts about the reliability of solar mounting from the source.
Aluminum alloy bracket:
Nowdays,solar mounting are mostly made of hot dip galvanized steel, stainless steel frames and aluminum alloy frames.Because solar mounting are often located outdoors, they can be affected by sun, rain, salt, corrosion, and corrosion.In addition, solar cell modules also have a certain weight, so bearing weight is also something we need to consider.So durability and lightness are the future trend of PV brackets.
The development of plastic solar mounting, the strength aluminum alloy with a considerable and 1/3 lighter weight than aluminum, and has high weather resistance and high corrosion resistance, without an increase in the cost of anti-corrosion treatment, because the light weight and plasticity , and with the exterior of the building to do the overall design, but also reduce the load floor.
I believe that through some explanations of the above raw materials, you have a deeper understanding of the solar support.If you don't understand anything, please contact CHIKO Solar.

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