The new trends in development of solar mounting in China

2018-04-23 10:31
As a developing country, the recent development of high technology has entered a bottleneck. Under such circumstances, Where should the focus of China's photovoltaic industry be placed?
In order to increase the power generation and gain high profits,all companies of the PV industry chain have make the best effort.Especially with PV modules and inverters.However, the reality is that it is difficult to increase the conversion efficiency of the components within a short period of time. The efficiency of the inverter also tends to be slow, it is still more difficult to simply reduce costs or increase efficiency to increase the revenue of power stations.At the same time, solar mounting, once thought to be “lack of technical content,” have transformed.There is a clear advantage in improving the benefits of PV power plants.As a global leader in solar mounting, CHIKO has been working hard to develop a solar mounting with higher efficiency and better quality.
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The data shows that the market about solar mounting installed capacity of the global was 8.8 GW in 2015 . According to incomplete statistics, China's adjustable solar mounting bidding amount reached 1.2GW in 2015.PV price reduction is a trend. Solar mounting are no longer just “icing on the cake”. Former owners of power plants used light it.At present solar mounting have become a key factor in improving the profitability of power plant owners.This phenomenon has been very obviously, the adjustable solar mounting system has more than 60% of market share in large ground power stations in the United States. In 2016, it is expected that the domestic demand for the adjustable solar mounting is above 1.5GW.
At present, solar mounting are mainly divided into fixed bracket and adjustable bracket. In previous years, due to the low price of fixed fixed bracket, occupy most of the PV market.In recent years,there is the trend of the PV cheap internet access,and new standard for PV on-grid tariff will implemented in July 1st.China's PV industry has already entered the "post-subsidy era," and at this stage, the development of photovoltaic companies is directly referred to as "cost reduction" and "increasing efficiency." Fixed brackets can no longer meet the needs of power plant owners for high power generation and high yields.
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The adjustable photovoltaic bracket can make the photovoltaic power plant generate more power, which makes it favored by people.But high cost is one of the reasons for the limited development of adjustable solar mounting system.On this issue, experts said:“Although the adjustable solar mounting brings more cost pressures to owners,But the high cost is relatively speaking.Adjustable solar mounting bring more power generation,so the cost is not big.On the other hand,if the market size is enlarged, scale effect can also be used to reduce costs.
In terms of cost and quality, CHIKO has its own factory and R&D and design team. The price is competitive in the market and provide the highest quality and cost-effectiveness for user.Quality has Australasia/American/European Standard, CE and ISO 9001.CHIKO solar can stand the test of time and users,more new and old customers at domestic and foreign are welcome to visit our factory.
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