The development of industry is inseparable from technological innovation

2018-04-20 10:07
It is the progress of photovoltaic panel technology or the innovation of solar mounting technology, there will always be various difficulties and setbacks in the development process.However, the storm will always pass and the rainbow will finally appear. The development of the road is always tortuous.There is a lot of difficulty for a new thing to emerge from the beginning to be widely recognized by people.However, the storm will always pass and the rainbow will finally appear.
According to the latest report,the photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly these years.For example about China,Compared with the situation 10 years ago, China's photovoltaic industry has undergone enormous changes.In 2005, only 5 megawatts of new photovoltaic power generation capacity was installed, which accounted for only 0.36% of the total newly added global.In 2017, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation reached 130 GW. The total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation was the largest in the world for three consecutive years, accounting for 32.4% of the global total.Technological progress has promoted the development of the industry.

These achievements are inseparable from the hard work of all industries in the photovoltaic industry chain. Taking CHIKO Solar as an example, in order to produce high-quality solar mounting and provide users with assured products,the design team of CHIKO paid a lot of time and effort and finally won the recognition of users.
If an industry wants to thrive,it must reduce its costs.These need technical progress to be able to do it.If photovoltaic industry wants to develop rapidly, it is inseparable from technological innovations and advancements in photovoltaic modules and solar mounting.The development of the photovoltaic industry is changing with each passing day. These are inseparable from the innovation and development of technology.

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