CHIKO Solar Meets You At 2020 PV EXPO Tokyo Japan

2020-02-12 11:28
Japan's wisdom Energy weeks (World Smart Energy Week 2020), - on February 28, was held in Tokyo on March 2. As Japan's largest professional strongest influence the biggest renewable Energy industry exhibition, has become a pioneering the World's second largest solar market and growing solar Energy market in Asia the best platform as a factory of the World's leading solar mounting, CHKO solar will join industry advanced technical force and professional team participation at the event, sincerely invite you to visit the exhibition at the appointed time.

Exhibition information:
Time: February 26(Wed) -- 28(Fri),2020
Location: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Booth no. : s20-2 (floor 4, south hall)
Exhibition products: ground steel solar mounting system U2V, aluminum solar mounting structure T2VC, and plane roof pressure BI system

Ground ALU T2VC

In this exhibition, the surface solar mounting structure system is widely used in the construction of solar large-scale power station support. Currently, the main products are steel U2V and aluminum T2VC.Based on the global construction performance, the use of steel floor support system accounts for a large proportion, while the use of aluminum floor support system accounts for a small proportion.The steel support system is economical and cost-effective, with high strength, standard outdoor use standard and high global recognition.The aluminum solar support system has the advantages of anti-corrosion, non-rust, aesthetics and easy installation, etc. Its main anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability is prominent, suitable for the installation of small ground or roof medium-sized solar power generation system, light and convenient construction.

Ground U2V CK-U2V

Flat roof solar mounting system are mainly distributed power plants or small households with system design, according to the requirements of the roofing load-bearing capacity and waterproof choose the type of mounting, aluminum and steel solar mounting structure, two kinds of design the parts before they go out of form a complete set are highly pre-installed so that it is easy to install, save your labor costs and installation time.The Angle can be designed and processed according to the requirements of the owner to meet the installation requirements of solar modules in different countries or regions of different latitude and longitude, thus ensuring the best light Angle.

Japan is a major energy consumer in the world and relies heavily on imports.Resource-short Japan has been actively developing solar power for years, and solar technology has become an important part of its national development policy.The Japanese government, the world's second-largest solar solar market, has been providing policy assistance to make solar cells widely available in homes.For Chinese solar mounting structure export enterprises, it is undoubtedly a good opportunity to enter the Japanese market.And from the perspective of solar applications in Japan, in Japan, you can easily see solar panel support systems in all kinds of situations, building roofs, greenhouses, water solar...Under the support of the government, the distributed solar in Japan has been greatly developed in the past two years. The advantages of CHIKO solar mounting system products such as high preassembly, corrosion resistance, strong snow load capacity and more beautiful are of great significance, so it develops rapidly.

CHIKO believes that through this exhibition, CHIKO solar mounting system will shine brilliantly on the big stage in Japan.
February 26th solstice February 28th, Tokyo youming international exhibition center, booth no. : s20-2, CHIKO team looks forward to your visit!

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