[Invitation] CHIKO Solar 2018 ALL-ENERGY AUSTRALIA Expo

2018-09-19 11:31
[Invitation] CHIKO Solar 2018 ALL-ENERGY AUSTRALIA Expo
The Australian All-Energy Expo is the fist event in the Asia-Pacific region dedicated to all forms of clean and renewable energy. It will be held in Melbourne, Australia on October 3, 2018. It is also Australia's largest renewable energy exhibition. With the strong support of the Victorian Government of Australia, nearly 10,000 people come to the exhibition every year. As the world's leading manufacturer of solar mounting bracket, CHIKO Solar has participated in the exhibition for 8 consecutive years. Since its development in 2010, CHIKO's solar mounting products have been exported overseas, and the pv market in Australia has also achieved fruitful results. In the Australian region, a number of agents have been established. This exhibition is the perfect collaboration of the Australia agent and Shanghai CHIKO 
. At this exhibition, CHIKO will bring the latest products in 2018 to showcase the core technology and related efficient solar solutions !

Australian All Energy Exhibition (ALL-ENERGY AUSTRALIA)
Venue: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center
Time: 2018.10.03-10.04
Booth No: 1746

Some of CHIKO Exhibition Products : The Newest Design — #43 RaiIing system 

[Invitation] CHIKO Solar 2018 ALL-ENERGY AUSTRALIA Expo
We all know that 11% of Australia's energy is renewable energy, and Australia has a world-leading energy-saving industry, which is what China needs in the next few years. Renewable energy is an important component of Australia's low-emission energy structure, and it plays a powerful role in reducing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. With the support of the Australian government, the renewable energy industry has flourished in recent years, helping to reduce barriers in the national electricity market and providing social use of renewable energy. Most importantly, Australia is willing to share its intellectual property with China, which is also a huge opportunity for solar mounting bracket manufacturers like CHIKO Solar. CHIKO believes that through this exhibition, it will enable CHIKO to deepen its understanding and development of the Australian market, and also make CHIKO's excellent product features deeply rooted in the hearts of the Australian !

Chiko always adheres to the customer-oriented development concept, produces high-quality products for customers,  invites customers to visit us in here !

Various efficient and flexible Solar mounting bracket solutions waiting for you here! Welcome to consult !
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