Shanghai Chiko Solar Live Broadcast from Mid-East PV Exhibition, 2018

2018-01-17 15:11
On the morning of January 15, the Middle East World Future Energy Summit and Exhibition (WFES) was held at the National Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 
Under the leadership of Shanghai Chiko solar's CEO Mr Li , Shanghai Chiko solar team entered the exhibition site early to start preparations for the exhibition.
As the leading Solar mounting manufacturer in China, Chiko debuted this Middle East PV exhibition with the newly developed patented product series of ground mounting series and flat roof mounting ballast series.
Here is CHIKO booth live broadcast from Middle East PV exhibition:
Chiko Solar Live Broadcast from 2018 Mid-East PV Exhibition  
At the opening of the exhibition hall on the 15th, Chiko booth attracted a lot of visitors come to consult. Exhibition visitors have expressed their keen interest in the Chiko 's Solar mounting products. And the salesman Niko make a detail introduce for  for each visitor 's consultation and answer doubts one by one.
Chiko Solar Live Broadcast from 2018 Mid-East PV Exhibition
Mr. Lee introduce products to visitors and answer customer doubts.
Chiko Solar Live Broadcast from 2018 Mid-East PV Exhibition  
Mr. Lee with Visitors made a face-to-face discussions on the details of the Solar mounting products and project solutions. World Future Energy Show (WFES) brings success to solar professionals and the global solar industry. WFES is the largest, most powerful and influential world leading renewable energy exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa. Through this WFES Middle East PV Exhibition, Chiko took the opportunity to let more Customers from around the world konw the Chiko products.
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