CHIKO's Latest Design Flat Roof Solar Mounting System Ballast IV Series

2020-06-24 11:00
Innovation" is the vitality of an enterprise, and only continuous innovation can conform to the development of the times. As a world-renowned solar mounting structure manufacturer, CHIKO Solar has always paid attention to and insisted on the research and development of new products, and made technological innovation to reduce "kWh cost" as its top priority!
Recently, the flat roof ballast IV series developed by CHIKO has been successfully issued and patented. (Note: Patent No.-CN201921317638.2)
CHIKO's latest design Flat roof solar mounting system ballast IV series
CHIKO Ballast IV series solar mounting structure is an improvement based on the original classic ballast I, making its installation more simple and flexible. The most special thing is that the ballast IV base is completely cut by CHIKO No. 20 guide rail and used with the front and rear columns. This solar bracket structure completely replaces the single-sided form of the previous ballast, and is more dominant in manual installation and material cost.

In addition, the installation of the system only requires one tool, which can be completed by tightening two bolts. The entire system is made of high-grade anodized aluminum, which provides a lightweight solution for the roof. The entire solar bracket system has only a small number of components. This design makes it easy to install quickly and helps users save time and installation costs.
The entire solar mounting structure can be applied to a horizontal array of solar panels, the wind speed can reach 60m/s, and the snow load capacity can reach 1.4KN/㎡. Based on the principle of highest quality, CHIKO uses high-grade extruded aluminum to ensure a 30-year service life. In addition, CHIKO provides a 10-year warranty.

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