CHIKO Solar Mounting Structure Products Won High Appraisal from USA Customers

2020-05-19 09:49
In December 2019, CHIKO Solar's business representatives went to the United States for business negotiations, during which they conducted detailed discussions on the current status of photovoltaic development in the United States and the solar mounting solutions for tile roof in the United States.
During this business negotiation, American customers mentioned that the roofs of residential buildings in the United States are mainly asphalt shingles. The main feature of the installation of household roof brackets is the importance of roof waterproofing and the matching of all black bracket sets with local rooftop solar panels. Since CHIKO Solar was founded in 2011, it has always regarded the US photovoltaic market as its core target market. Currently, CHIKO Solar has established multiple agents and distributors in the United States. The CK-AR series of asphalt shingle Solar mounting systems developed and developed by CHIKO is catering to this market demand. At the same time, the American standard UL certification license obtained by CHIKO also provides quality assurance for the development of CHIKO products in the United States.
CHIKO CK-AR series advantages
1. Easy to install, greatly save labor cost and installation time.
The hook can be loaded from any position of the tile; the guide rail does not need to be cut on the construction site; all Solar mounting system accessories are highly pre-installed before leaving the factory.
2. High durability and stability
The design life standard is 20 years and 10 years of quality assurance as the design concept; aluminum alloy material AL6005 grade and anodized film thickness 12-15MIC standard; all fasteners are stainless steel 304
3. Stress analysis standard
Designed by experienced engineers according to several national standards such as national standard, European standard, Australia and American standard. The main parts are tested through mechanics to ensure their structural bearing capacity
U.S. customers' praise for CHIKO's solar mounting products:
  • 1.No spanning on rail 
  • 2.Railing is more solid standy
  • 3.omes Highly pre-assembled
  • 4.Rubber is good (Use life up to 20 years) 
  • 5.Full Black is available. 
It is precisely because of the excellent characteristics of CHIKO stent products that it has been well received in the US market. We all know that due to the impact of the "231" tariff policy, it is difficult for Chinese photovoltaic companies to develop the US photovoltaic market, and American customers have always been representatives of "rigorous and high standards"; from this, American customers have Love and trust is also a manifestation of CHIKO's product quality. CHIKO's success in the US market is the best proof of CHIKO's strength and service.

CHIKO's 100KW US stand project in December 2019:
CHIKO Solar mounting system Products Won High Appraisal from American Customers
As the world's leading Solar mounting system brand, CHIKO Solar has been focusing on the design and development of brackets for 9 years and is committed to providing customers with efficient and convenient bracket solutions. CHIKO Bracket products are exported to overseas. At present, the agency and distribution system have been established in more than 10 countries such as the United States, the Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and India. The global supply and after-sales service capabilities have been greatly improved. . The quality of CHIKO products is universal and can stand the test of time and users!

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