CHIKO Newest Solar Mounting System In 2020- Ground Driven-pile System

2020-04-02 09:57
The Chiko Driven-pile Ground solar mounting structure designed and engineered for large solar farm, provided the most cost effective option that adapt to any configuration and field. This solar mounts is special in that the top is made of AL6500-T5 and the bottom is made of galvanized steel at the ground connection. The combination of galvanized steel and high-grade anodized aluminum make the maximizes cost-effectiveness and better corrosion resistance and rust resistance of galvanized steel profiles at the ground

CHIKO Newest Solar Mounting System In 2020- Ground Driven-pile System

This Ground Driven-pile solar mounting structure Main Material is Q235B/Q345 hot dip galvanized steel and AL6500-T5,and the Wind Velocity up to 60 M/S, The snow load up to 1.4KN/M2,The Spacing can made 1800 - 3000MM. The adjustable angle from 0-30 degrees.

  • Easy installation
  • Safety and reliability
  • Highclass galvanized
  • Cost saving
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-rust
CHIKO Newest Solar Mounting System In 2020- Ground Driven-pile System
CHIKO has been on the solar market for 12 years, Experienced in international projects with distribution networks extended to 8 countries, is your reliable warrantor.CHIKO Pile-Driven ground solar mounting structure for the quick and easy mounting, high economic effciency for large scale solar plant. High grade materials ensure 10 years durability guarantee and life-line long to 25 years.

Your Benefits

  • State-of-the-art production procedures, effcient manufacturing
  • Strong production capacity: 200MW/month, fast delivery High 
  • level pre-assembly, time saving installation 
  • Soil analysis and structural calculation 
  • ISO-certified, top quality 
  • Well-known brand, be one step ahead to tenders
Various efficient and flexible solar mounting structure solutions waiting for you here! Welcome to consult !
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