Dear Valued Partner:
CHIKO offers the solar industries most popular type, high quality and custom designed solar module mounting solutions for roof and ground mounted systems, supporting modules from nearly every photovoltaic manufacturer. The majority of our systems are up to 85% pre-assembled in our factory and export from Shanghai port, which reduces costs, allows for a quick delivery after purchase, and for shorter installation time in the field.
Quality of system design is always the most important aspect of our systems. Every order should pass our own testing lab, production process compliance is mandatory. CHIKO fully understands the need for customer and organization to continue to increase design and installing efficiencies, while driving down costs, and continuing to comply with regulatory requirements.
Clients, in turn, can rest assured that they receive a custom designed product that guarantees maximum production reliability.
Our mission is to build your trust and to be your solar mounting systems provider, in helping you and your company succeed in the coming years, as well as long into the future. As you review the information contained in this catalog, we would like for you to know that our lasting commitment to you, as a partner, and not just a supplier, has already begun.
Finally, we would like to extend a sincere thanks for your trusting and supporting.